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*NEW DESIGN* Linear Carriages
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What's New

*New Design*
CNC Controller 

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*Computer & Controller Packages Available*

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  • Smooth Stepper Technology
  • Integrated torch height control
    • ​Adjustable on the fly​​​
    • Can maintain controller away from table, keeping it clear from debris and liquid
  • ​Ethernet connection to your computer
    • ​Not limited on length of cable, while keeping same data output (100mbps at any length vs only 60mbps ​ USB with limited length of cable)
  • Eliminates the need for older computer systems requiring a printer port​
  • ​Run the latest version of Windows 64 bit processing (Laptop or Desktop)​
  • 4 axis DB9 connectors
  • Port for Z-Axis touch off and E-Stop
  • Port for connection to CPC port on your plasma machine (to fire torch and connect to voltage divider)

Linear Carriages for Y - Axis
Available in Our Store Now!
  • 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Left and Right Side
  • New Design for a Rigid Mount - NO FLEX - a Must for Dual Motors on Y-Axis
  • Inside and Outside Carriages
  • Bearings and Bolts Included
  • New NEMA 23 Motors
  • For Use With .250" x 3.00" 1018 Cold Roll Rail 
  • Included - Right and Left inside and outside carriages with bearings, bolts and gantry plates
  • NOT Included - Motor, gear rack, or end stop